3 Fun Ways to Assess with Technology: Kahoot!, Google Forms and Socrative

1 - 2 hours


What if there was a program out there that could mark 25 quizzes in 15 seconds, and then neatly lay the marks on an Excel spreadsheet? I'll show you three options to try. Not only does this save time, but your students will suddenly enjoy doing quizzes! You'll learn how to use Kahoot!, Google Forms, and Socrative.


Deemed, ‘Playstation for Education’, Kahoot! is a free, game-based classroom response system that enhances your formative assessment. Students can use it to quiz comprehension and spice up group presentations, accessing it with most devices at their desks, or in your school computer lab. Students can create them too! Playing an important role in summative assignments, my class of 10 year old grade 5's, have over 80 stored in a class Kahoot! account. 


Google Forms is Google's form of the tradition questionnaire, only turned on it's head! Once a Form is made, it can be sent to a small guided group of 5 or to a school of 500. There's the added benefit of having your data automatically stored into Google Sheets or Excel. Unique to Forms, it offers the most variety of questions for teachers to use in their assessments.


Socrative.com is the third and similar to the other two, data can be quickly and painlessly retrieved and stored for marks later. Unlike the other two, it offers some fun variations that I'll explain in the workshop. It makes testing and content retrieval fun and invigorating.


All three are quick and creative assessments to bolster student engagement. Participants are encouraged to bring a fully charged WiFi enabled device to maximize their own learning. To enhance the learning, I'll create a sample assessment on the spot. If a 3 hour workshop is booked, I'll give time for teachers to create their own and and support teachers.  


General audience is grade 3 - 12

Handouts provided.

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