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This coding workshop was designed for teachers and students to learn how to code and gives teachers content they can give directly to students. It’s packed with a dozen activities for you and your students to complete. 
Prior to March Break 2022 (Ontario, Canada’s Spring Break), I shared a 3-day workshop with 140 teachers and students who were learning and teaching online. I have personally used these lesson ideas with students in grades 3 - 8.

If you'd like a free sample of the workshop, I'm offering a free 9-minute video here that you can give directly to your students. There is a 5 minute introduction and at the 4 minute mark, an activity will begin where they can learn two creative ways to code their initials. 

If you find the content engaging, the full 3 day workshop can be found here or on Teacher Pay Teachers. The package includes a 3 page PDF with video links to 12 activities that offer over 90 minutes of teaching. You can easily stretch the workshop videos over a 2-3 week coding unit. YouTube videos allow students to pause, rewind, and repeat the content, as they work through the activities.
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