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My name is Ryan Tindale and I'm a Durham DSB teacher living in Ontario. Prior to teaching with the public board, I taught in a private Christian school after graduating from Tyndale University's Faculty of Education.
Since 2012, I've taught over 1500 teachers at workshops and conferences across Ontario, and I've written for, and been featured in, more than a dozen magazines, blogs, and newspaper.
I launched this website in 2015 as a personal portfolio and later as an alternative to my Teachers Pay Teachers account where I stored free handouts for workshops I offered. When I appeared in my first newspaper article, readers told me they were interested in my ideas but didn't have the required TPT account to access my work. 
Something more accessible has made a powerful response. Educators in 100+ North American cities and 40 countries have found their way here.
What started as a small personal project has become a resource for teacher around the world to get tips and tricks on ways to 'Teach Smarter'. 
Feedback and comments are welcome.
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