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I learned about HP Reveal while scrolling through the Google Play app catalogue. After a quick YouTube search, my brain exploded with the classroom possibilities.
Here is a sample video.
HP Reveal (formally named Aurasma) is simply taking a video or picture from your own gallery, and placing it over another image of your choosing.
In its simplest classroom form, it could look like this: You have a picture of the letter C on a sheet of paper. A teacher makes a video of them making the C sound and offering a few words that start with the letter C. Then, with the app, the teacher takes their homemade video, and places it over the piece of paper with the C letter. When the 4 year old comes in the next day and scans the letter C with the iPad, that video pops up with a full mini-lesson on the letter C.
Three Ways I've used it: 
1. We read a novel study and students got into groups of 2-3 to make a one minute summary video of their assigned chapter. Then, students made a simple poster for their chapter, and placed the video on top of the poster. Once the 10 posters were made, students could scan each poster and watch a summary video of each chapter. Video above.
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