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Laughing and Learning with Jimmy Fallon


30 page ebook for grade 4+
Original lessons written by Ryan Tindale

Original videos taken from the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon's YouTube channel.

When recess finishes and students are having snacks, that 3-5 minute window is often filled with a short YouTube clip from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. 

The entertaining videos slowly began fitting into my regular curriculum day plans. This project started with nearly 40 videos that I used in the 14/15 school year and was narrowed down to my favourite 12 to share with any teacher wanting to add a little laughter to their regular day plans, but still hold true to the integrity of the curriculum standards. 

This 30 page ebook has been through a draft process, reviewed by a professional editor, and even put before a copyright lawyer, but deemed not acceptable for commercial use. 

So I offer this, my first written book, as a freebie to any teacher wanting to laugh a little more with their class!

Remember to Teach Smarter because Pixels really do affect Perception.

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