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Dave Ramsey said, "Teaching kids about money is never just about money." 

Our calling as teachers is so much more than curriculum, isn't it? It's obvious that money will be part of every student you teach, and I'd like to help you guide your students to be more financially literate. 

Starting in 2023, I will be offering free YouTube videos to use as input lessons for your students. I will be teaching them right from portable 3, and they'll be getting the same pedagogical points that you provide. That important big idea, the key learning goals, and the real-life connections and applications. 

But that's not all! In my effort to support you even further, ​you will find links in each free video description to a:
  1. Private teacher-only video to watch before the lesson,
  2. Teacher-only handout to review before the lesson,
  3. Public video to teach your students the lesson, which was already mentioned,
  4. And a worksheet for your students (with answers provided) can be printed or uploaded into Google Classroom.
I have a sample video below that's ready for your class, and be sure to watch the teacher's video for that extra content. Click here for more lessons that will be added weekly!  
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