Founded by Pernille Ripp, the Global Read Aloud is a 6 week project running from October through early November where classrooms around the world read the same book at the same pace at the same time, and then connect and share their learning with other classrooms their own age. To sign up, click here
I discovered the GRA in the September 2017 issue of Professionally Speaking. 
The winning books for the GRA are divided by suitable age group. You can find the 2018 books here
Teachers follow the same reading schedule so everyone is moving through the book at the same pace.
The part I enjoyed the most was the collaboration. Using the Facebook group or the Twitter hashtag #gra18, teachers can find teachers reading the same book at the same time, and plan shared activities.
Last year in 17/18, I had a grade 4/5 class (10-11 year olds) and we read The Wild Robot. We connected with more than 15 classrooms around the world and were even featured in a local newspaper delivered to 200 000 homes in our school district. Here are some ways we connected we other classes: 
  1. Using Padlet, I made a password protected board where classrooms could post predictions before reading the book. 
  2. I used with a private school teacher in Virginia and to make chatrooms for students. We paired our two classes up and gave them guiding questions to discuss.
  3. Students were given some guiding questions to answer on FlipGrid. They could then watch the 90 second videos and respond appropriately. 
  4. Skype was my favourite! We used it nearly a dozen to share our learning on the book. I found most of the teachers by using last year's GRA's 'Wild Robot' hashtag, #GRAwild
15 schools we interactd with during the Global Read Aloud
I'll be participating in this year's GRA with a grade 7 class (12-13 year's old) reading The Refugee. Visit the GRA selection page for more info or you can purchase the book right on Amazon. If you're teaching middle school / junior high and you'd like to join me for the 6 week journey, please click here for some info.