I'm so happy you found me. My hope is that these activities will enhance your programming, take some of the student engagement planning off your plate, and make your students love the novel their reading so much more. 
2020 is the 3rd annual GRA Kahoot Challenge and I'm happy to add a few more ways to connect with teachers around the world. 
Wanting to still sign up?
Find my posts in the GRA Facebook group or email me at TeachingSmarter@gmail.com
If you've signed up for my weekly Kahoot challenge, then,
  1. Please make your way through this week's reading.
  2. On the following Monday morning, teachers who have sign up will receive a hidden link to that week's Kahoot and leaderboard submission sheet for your podium scores.
  3. Please submit them to me by Wednesday at 4pm EST of each week (2pm MT and 1pm PT).
  4. I'll then compile the entries and create a top 20 leaderboard that students can see each Thursday. 
  5. And don't forget to be making your way through that week's reading, because another Kahoot will arrive the following Monday morning.
In 2018, over 50k student logins were registered on my Kahoot page. In 2019, another 170k were registered, and in September 2020, the three books have attracted over 275k students from two dozen countries around the world. The Past GRA tab above has Kahoots and leaderboard scores for:
  1. Refugee,
  2. Front Desk, and
  3. Bridge Home
I very excited to be able to serve you three more exciting Kahoot Challenges for 2020 for:  
  4. Planet Omar,
  5. Indian No More, and
  6. Prairie Lotus.
New this year is a way to connect with even more teachers. I have a sign up Doc floating on all the GRA Facebook pages for you to join one of six hubs for your book. Or you can email me for the signup Doc. 
  1. Connecting via Skype
  2. Flip Grid
  3. Virtual Pen Pals
  4. Paper Pen Pals
  5. Virtual Postcard Swap, and finally a,
  6. Paper Postcard Swap
And finally, starting later in week 1, there will be a GRA Kahoot Challenge Pop-Up Shop that will have stickers for teacher to purchase for their students. Stickers are only $4.00 which is meant to cover postage whether you're in Canada, US, or abroad. 
Please consider Tweeting the fun using the appropriate #GRA??? hashtag, and consider including me @TeachingSmarter in your tweets.
Sending all of you healthy vibes from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.