In Sept 2017, I learned about the GRA for the first time in an Ontario teaching magazine, purchased the book shortly after visiting Pernille's GRA website, and then set out to find, and invite, other teachers in my school district who were participating. When week one was ready to go, I had found a dozen.

In 2018, excited to try it again, I read 'Refugee' with my grade 7s and 3 dozen colleagues in my school district. To add to the fun, I made up 6 Kahoots and shared with with my colleagues and more widely on the GRA FB group. At the end of week 6, over 50 000 student plays had be registered. 

Enter 2019... in July, I had an accident on a table saw where I lost parts of 4 fingers, causing me to miss much of the 19/20 school year. While I was home through the fall, I ran my Kahoot Challenge for 'Front Desk' and added 'Bridge Home' as a second book. Over 6 weeks, 179 000 student logins were registered for the Kahoots