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People often ask me, 'How did you get started using Skype?" It's a misleading answer. It was Taylor Swift! 
I was working at a very small private school as the grade 5/6 teacher. In 2012, I signed my class of 10 up for a webcast where Taylor Swift was being interviewed on the importance of reading and promoting her new album RED (Read Every Day). A limited number of schools could sign up and receive a link allowing them to stream in and watch the live interview with Taylor. I was both unsure and curious when I clicked the link, jetting and our little class of 10 through the internet to bustling New York studio. I was hooked, and I still smile 70 calls later at the students' excitement. 
6 years later, I've 
  • Made 70+ calls. You can see a list here.
  • Called people on 5 continents
  • Taught more than 750 teachers how to use Skype in the Classroom
  • Featured in, and written for, multiple newspapers and magazines on Skype's power in a classroom.
  • Facilitated and connected local teachers with educators around the world via Skype.

Connect with me over Skype at mr.tindaleddsb or click here

What my students are saying...

Why is it better? Because it's fun and kids remember fun chats rather than boring lectures.

I know lots of kids who'd rather be asking an expert questions and writing, than listening to a teacher tell us about the topic.

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