Using Skype in Your Classroom

1 - 2 hours


Hands down, this is the most popular workshop I offer. I will walk you through how to literally bring the world into your classroom. You'll be introduced to the three main parts of the Skype Edu website, and I'll outline how to navigate each one. They have three distinct purposes for your classroom, and I show you how to narrow the filters to find the right lesson for you. We'll open the actual Skype program and you'll learn how to test and set up audio, how to adjust your video settings, and some other features.


Then comes the hands on part where you'll see real examples of how I've used it to connect my class with classrooms in France, Brazil, New York, and Montreal. We’ve Skyped a sushi chef for Procedural Writing, a marketing exec for Media Lit, and an aquarium in the UK for Report Writing. Every teacher always asks how I find people. I'll show you! Having used Skype nearly 40 times, and having taught over 200 teachers, I'll leave you with a dozen ways I've used it to help inspire you to try Skype. 


General audience is K - 12

Handouts provided. 


This workshop topic made the top story in the July edition of Australia's

'Teacher Talk' magazine.  

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