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Each week, I devote 30 minutes to give students a chance to work on something STEM related. 
Whether they're building the setting from their book report, or completing a short 20 minute STEM card challenge, I want students working with their hands to build and problem solve  various challenges. 
Looking for ideas? Here are five I've tried! 
  1. With only 5 sheets of paper, build a 15cm bridge that can hold as many paperclips as possible.
  2. With 10 pipe cleaners and a plastic cup, build a holder that can support 50 pennies but still stay 5 cm off the ground. 
  3. After finishing a novel, build a smaller scale version of one part of the setting.
  4. Students have 20 minutes to build the tallest tower that can hold an apple at the top.
  5. With 3 paper clips, tape, and a DASH robot, make a spear that can attach to DASH to pop a balloon. Then tape the balloon to the ground and have students write the code script to pop the balloon.
My favourite STEM challenge has over 7000 impressions on Twitter. See it here!
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