Technology Lootbag

3 hours


Come hear a few ways to spice up your classroom by integrating technology in your daily routines. This is a brief overview of many of my workshops tied into one where teachers can take a lootbag of ideas home with them.  


- We'll look at how I’ve used Skype to connect my class with classrooms in France, Brazil, New York, and Montreal. We’ve Skyped a sushi chef for Procedural Writing, a marketing exec for Media Lit, and an aquarium in the UK for Report Writing. I’ll show you how to navigate the Skype Edu site to easily find and connect with teachers yourself.


- I’ll introduce you to some hilarious Jimmy Fallon videos and games that will spice up your Math program and can introduce fractions, decimals and percents.


- We'll explore using Google Earth to take your students on virtual field trips to castles, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and to the bottom of the ocean, and then use it to teach symmetry, mean, median, and mode, and trans. geometry (I’ll even show you where the Titanic is). I’ll share some inquiry lessons for Social Studies, Hist/Geo that use Google Earth, from a workshop I gave at Ryerson Univ.


- We'll look a few other websites such as and as creative alternatives to classroom responses. I'll show you how I ‘gamified’ my classroom with Kahoot!


- Finally, I’ll share some of my favourite TED Talks for the classroom. 


General Audience is K - 12 with a curriculum focus on grades 4-8

Handouts for most ideas will be given.

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