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GRA '19 selection

'The Bridge Home'

The Bridge Home:
  • Wk 1:  Ch 1-7
  • Wk 2:  Ch 8-15
  • Wk 3:  Ch 16-22
  • Wk 4:  Ch  23-30
  • Wk 5:  Ch 31-37
  • Wk 6:  Ch 38-44

Need help sending me your scores?

The video might help!

And so the fun begins! Each week, the teacher will read the week's selection to their class. The following week, each teacher will receive a link to a Kahoot! for the previous week's reading. If the teacher sends me the 3 podium scores by Wednesday evening, I'll compile a leader board of the 25 highest scores. 
For the week 5 Kahoot, more than 10.4k students played compared to 5k in week 4, and 123 teachers sent in their podium scores.
We had a glitch this week! On Tuesday, Kahoot seemed to cap the top scores at 26 500 points, creating an 8 way tie. Congrats to all the students who achieved the 26 500 score.