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2019 selection

'The Bridge Home'

The Bridge Home:
  • Wk 1:  Ch 1-7
  • Wk 2:  Ch 8-15
  • Wk 3:  Ch 16-22
  • Wk 4:  Ch  23-30
  • Wk 5:  Ch 31-37
  • Wk 6:  Ch 38-44
For 6 weeks through October and November, I made a 20 question Kahoot for each of the previous week's reading. In total, 940 teachers signed up to receive my Bridge Home Kahoots!
16 countries including Canada and the USA, along with Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, France, India, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa

In the end, 92 900 students played The Bridge Home Kahoots, and together with the Front Desk Kahoots, 179 300 students participated. What an amazing 6 weeks of learning! 

Teachers sent in over 830 podium scores for over 2300 students, and the weekly leaderboards were visited over 19 000 times by students around the world.

SWAG for my GRA Global Kahoot! Challenge is available in my pop-up shop until the end of November, 2019.

Thanks so much for playing along! I'm looking forward to 2020 Global Read Aloud.
Wk1 BH Graph.JPG
Wk1 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk2 BH Graph.JPG
Wk2 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk3 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk3 BH Graph.JPG
Wk4 BH Graph.JPG
Wk4 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk5 BH Graph.JPG
Wk5 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk6 BH Graph2.JPG
Wk6 BH Graph.JPG
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