Building Free Websites for Teacher Use or Class Projects

1-2 hours



Teacher website are a must for teachers to stay connected with parents and students. They also are creative alternatives for summative assignments. Focusing on and, they provide teachers and students with a point and click experience that's neither intimidating nor frustrating. Let me show you how! I'll point out some basic features as well as some more advanced features like integrating Chrome Apps right on your website. Inside the classroom with your students, I'll give you two examples of how my 10 year old grade 5's used them for two projects. One of them was where they created their own text connection website for the book Stone Fox. I have a half dozen examples to show you including a level 2, 3, and 4.


If a 2 hour workshop is booked, I’ll be there to support and offer ideas teachers build their own class, personal, or project based website.


Target audience is grades 4-12.


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